While working in an office employees there need to be team members who are working to achieve a common goal. If they do not work with collaboration then the goals of the company will be impossible to achieve and also all of them will not receive the bonus due to poor optimization. There are centers for sales training in Dubai in which employees of sales department can go to train themselves for the better sales. Often the company refers their employees to a certain training center and sometimes they invite the trainers from these centers to their office so that the employees can have on job training while working their day to day work. In order to make employees work together the employer should plan team building activities in Dubai for them. Some of the famous and widely used team building activities are here:

Code of conduct: In this activity all the team members are brought together in room and then they will be required to give their ideas about a good and satisfying atmosphere. Take a board in front of them and ask them to write down their ideas on the paper and pate them on the board. When everyone is done with suggesting then take the suggestions of the participants on all the ideas and record them on the board too in front of each idea. Then make the mutually agreed idea suggestions as the code of conduct for the remaining part of the activity.

Story telling: This is another great activity. This also includes a board and some sticky notes. Employees are asked to write their work related keywords on which they want to share their story with others. Then the note is pasted on one side of the board. When all the participants stick their notes then ask them to come one by one, take a sticky note and tell their personal story about that word. These key words can be anything related to work like their first salary, first day, partnership or any other word. Once the story is completed then the sticky note should be placed to the other side of the board to avoid repeating of the same words. This will help members of a group to understand each other and learn from their experiences.