A restaurant can be described as a business setting that specializes in the cooking and serving of foods to its customers. Each restaurant specializes in one type of food, and its entire business revolves around that particular expertise. However, a restaurant or a hotel has been never about the food only: it has to be a complete package, good food plus good service plus ample respect for the customers.

Restaurants can be classified into a number of types, based on two criteria. The first one is the type of food service offered; that is, whether the restaurant is a cuisine, a buffet or a sushi, and so forth. The second criterion is the speed of service; for example, certain restaurants are called fast food owing to the fact that they do not make you wait for a long period of time after you place your order. Others may be named according to their themes, for instance, the automated restaurants.

Starting a restaurant in Dubai is an expensive venture. You do not need only the building and a parking lot to go with it; you also need a number of people on the staff. These include everyone from the managers and waiters to the sweepers. What differentiates the best from the better and the better from the good is not simply the quality of food, but the quality of the staff as well. The more expensive restaurants employ a person, either male or female, to welcome their guests and show them to their seats.

The trend of restaurants has grown from an ancient history rooted in Greece and Rome. The creators of a lion’s share of the modernism we see now, the ancient Greeks and Romans had set up roadside bars that made and sold only drinks. Slowly the business spread and reached other areas of the world. Almost as ancient as that of the Greeks and Romans, the Chinese had also begun the business of selling cooked food. This idea came later to the west and then seeped into a number of areas when the Europeans rose to make this world a globally colonized village for their rule. Thus, the trend progressed until it took the form that we know it to have today. In the present world, every city has a hotel or a restaurant to its credit, and a number of cities sport more than ten or twenty restaurants on the same road as well.

Every restaurant is answerable for the hygiene and quality of its food. This is determined by health inspectors sent in by government, UN-based or non-governmental organizations, plus feedbacks from the customers. These inspectors have to satisfy themselves about the hygiene and nutrition of the food being served. Dietary rules and hazards have, thus, become a favorite topic among the researchers.

A restaurant is thus an assortment of expertise on cooking of food and serving it, plus a whole lot of other factors, like a sense of decorations and culinary art. Once you have completed the package, nothing can stop your restaurant from booming into a flourishing business.