You have heard about art, and some of you would have known about it. It is actually kind of physical expression and theory a you can find in humans societies and cultures. It includes ceramics, architectures, filmmaking, drawing, photography, sculpting and even literature (Prose, fiction, drama, and poetry) and perfuming arts such as theatre, music and dance. All people who belong to this list is called artist. Some people are naturally artist but some take proper classes to become an artist. There are many institutes that conduct special art classes in Dubai so those people who live in UAE can take admission in these institutions.

In this article we will define you some major art courses that institutes offer to particular students. 

Here are list of these courses.

Drawing classes: 

Usually student likes to learn drawing. Institutes make you learn about line , proportion, perspective, composition , light and shading techniques etc. they teach intermediate coursework to their students and also make them learn that how to add colors on drawings. Students can work with live models or even still life composition. Students who are interested in this art can take drawing classes in Dubai.

Painting classes:

 Some institutes offer painting course to their students. They usually cover acrylics, water colors or oils. These courses teach to their students’ abstract, landscape, still life compositions and portraits. You can learn about paint application techniques. They also make you learn that how to mix colors and how to choose materials. They also utilize your drawing skills that how to critique artwork.

Art history classes: 

This course cover a particular time period, they teach students to recognize the various styles and artists from different era like Byzantine, Greek and Renaissance artwork. Students can travel to different galleries and art museums to see the work of influence artists like Matisse and Picasso. 

Photography classes:

This is typical course that offered for both digital cameras and film. This course covers computer photo editing programs. Student may learn basic functions of camera and about lenses. They can also learn that how to compose the shots with using different lighting techniques. You can also take admission for advanced coursework such as portraits, architecture, and still life development and personalized of body work. This course is getting popularity in Middle East, people and even kids like to learn photography.