We all have a sweet tooth for cakes and it sometimes becomes very hard to explain the specific type of cake that we are craving until we reach the bakery and point the one we want. Though it is easy to order cakes in Dubai but knowing their specific types is an easier option for everyone. Here we have a quick guide to types of different cakes.

  • Butter cakes: These are the simplest ones to understand and point out. Any recipe which begins with adding butter and sugar together is your butter cake. They may differ in their types such as chocolate or marble cake with different flavourings but the recipe in general is same.
  • Pound cakes: You can consider pound cake a sibling of butter cake because they also start by adding butter and sugar but the difference lies in the mixing of eggs. In pound cake – unlike butter cake – egg white and yolks are folded in separately. They are named pound because they can be measured and is usually baked in a loaf or a bundt pan. There are obviously different variations available such as adding chocolate chips, dry fruits or coffee flavour making it the perfect classic cake to enjoy with tea and coffee.
  • Sponge cake: This is that one cake when cut gives a spongy-bouncy texture to the piece. Sponge cakes usually don’t have a baking soda or baking powder in them but loads of eggs to give it the spongy texture. Expect a genoise cake when you are in France or Italy as the sponge cakes there are known as genoise cake.
  • Chiffon cake: That one cake which is so moist but spongy at the same time is a cross between sponge cake and oil cakes giving it the moistness of oil and texture of sponge known as chiffon cake. These are a classic choice when you feel like having something creamy and light. These cakes are usually layered with frostings and different kinds of filling to give it a nice sweet touch.

These are some basic cakes that people like to have in their everyday life. It’s good now that you know their names so you can get them even without looking at their faces.

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