Interior designing have been around since quite a while, all the way back to when people didn’t even realize what they were doing would count as interior design. Their mix and match of colours, designing of beautiful ornaments and building furniture that would later be considered and saved as cultural heritage is today known as villa interior design helping people to create something beautiful that would later on be cherished by the people.

If we take a look back at the ancient world and how Egyptians used to design their places we will see that the interior design back then wasn’t much different than what we see it now. People used a plain or light coloured base on their walls with a beautiful and unique pattern that we today know as Egyptian pattern. But the houses which were known to be high standard had a different kind of look on their walls. The important rooms in the house were painted from top to bottom with a unique pattern and design for the walls which were noticeable. It is the same kind of phenomena that we use today in which the wall with complete home furniture packages dubai completed by a bed needs to have a noticeable different colour to enhance the features of the room. 

Whereas the patterned rugs and mats that we see hanging today on the walls as a decorative piece of woven fabric was used as a partition between the door and the house hung on the entrance by the Egyptians as a curtain. If we talk about the furniture that was used back then, there isn’t much that is left today. This is mainly because most of the furniture was made from wood and wood can’t sustain the harsh climatic changes of centuries. It is known that poor people made their houses from the simple brick or hay which would get washed in a rain or a thunderstorm. While the rich people had wooden doors to their houses painted in red to protect them from the evil. We see this practice still continued by some of the people as myths that cloud their logical judgment. All in all, not much has changed since back then and people still continue using the old methods with a contemporary touch.