The design world is an ever-changing industry. Every year, new trends are being introduced. New pantones are used and new concepts become the “in” thing. However, there are some things that are constant and timeless in the design world.

If you opt to go for a timeless and classic-looking space, a top interior design company in Dubai recommends these interior design styles and concepts for your home and office:

  • Cosy-type space

Some people think that cosy-type home designs are a bit old fashion for their taste. But this kind of design has been around for ages and still a number of people are enamored to this concept. Ancestral homes and mansions often give this kind of ambiance, but it can also be implemented in small spaces. The trick on creating this kind of design scheme is creating the vibe through the tones and the comfy furnishings.

  • Rustic-feel space

Another timeless style that has been around is the rustic-feel space. You usually see these kinds of design in cabin and country houses. But a top construction management in Dubai said that you can still go with this design even in an urban setting. The key here is the materials that you are going to use. Mostly, this would involve some woodworks in order to create the rustic feeling.

  • Industrial-style

The rise of the industrial-type homes and offices stems from advancement, and most property owners like to keep up with the times. The rough and unfinished look of this concept definitely attracts a certain group of people, especially those who are working in the industry. The upgrade version of this concept is the tech-inspired spaces. They are much more sophisticated but you can still feel the sense of the industrial vibe on the space.

  • Minimalistic concept

The saying, “less is more”, is always considered when designing a space, especially when it comes to minimalistic style. This concept’s ethos is to make everything as simple as possible, from the look of the space to the choice of furnishings. Despite making the space looking like a bare minimum, you can still feel the sense of style and sophistication, which a lot of people love.

  • Art-inspired spaces

This concept is quite the opposite of the minimalistic concept. A space peppered with artisanal works might come off as chaotic. But despite the chaos, you can see deep order and meaning upon second look. What makes this concept timeless is the sense of creativity being showcased in a unique manner.