Who doesn’t want their car to change? Further oomph into the colour, light up, and, of course, the brand-new wheels with more tone. Sounds amazing, don’t you? Except in the UAE do what the Arabs do! But do it! There are a few things you must bear in mind when replacing the vehicle if you buy a new car in the UAE.

1. The main value of protection is

It can be achieved as long as it complies with the given emission and noise requirements when doing car engine modification. If the new engine demands more power than the original engine, so it is often important to update the car’s seat belts, front and rear brakes, etc. A professional UAE vehicle modification shop will do this.

2. If you want to send aesthetic vibes to your car,

Make sure it’s finished according to the latest car modification laws in the UAE if you are bringing your vehicle for a car customization facility. Car owners will share their glass, but not more than that, up to 50 percent. Your car’s mag wheels can have any desired colour you choose. Although if you are searching for temporary car covering (for any particular activities, etc.), it does not require a special permit. The stickers and wrappings can, however, be discarded two weeks after the festivities.

3. The legal threshold for exhaust systems

It is not exactly encouraged, according to the RTA exhaust rules, to have a loud exhaust system. Fortunately, once you have a reputed exhaust device fitting that an expert has done, you will be eligible to get a licence and you would have just changed your vehicle lawfully.

4. To wrap up or not to wrap around

There are some procedures that you would have to skip to acquire a car wrapping and modification certificate. If you have a customised car in Sharjah, you will have to visit the Sharjah Police CID first to obtain a permit. It costs around AED 150. Once you have approval from the CID, you have to show off to the company that is making the alteration and you will alter the colour of your vehicle.

5. Bear in mind these pointers

If you go ahead and unlawfully change your car, so it will get you into trouble. The fine can go as high as up to AED 30,000 if caught, and you can even be stamped with black traffic points. To increase awareness of the risks of altering your vehicle, the latest modification laws in the UAE came into being.

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