Moving to a new city takes a lot of courage and adjustment which one needs to be brave enough to do. There are different phases which you will pass through and some of them would simply pass away while others would feel like forever to go. In such case finding something which excites you can be easy but after a while you will get bored with all the touristy things and this is why here is a list of few things which settlement services in Canada would recommend you to join to become familiar with the place:

  • Find your people

Everyone individual have their own nature and interest which excites them and this is how they find likeminded people called friends. Yes leaving your old friends can be hard but finding new ones is also important. You can join a coffee shop for part time job, a book club on weekends or a game night in the neighbourhood which will help you meet new people and you will know who your people to instantly connect with are.

  • Get your hobby into motion

If being social is not exactly on top of your list then you may want to find something simpler yet fun. Everyone loves doing something in their free time and joining classes would be a great way to enhance that hobby and meet new people. You can join dance classes or cooking lessons or even going to movie alone every weekend can get you talking to the ticket collector in a good way.

  • Be ready to volunteer

There is always some fun charity and fund raising events going around in every city and this is why volunteering is a big part of settlement Toronto. You will be able to meet new people and work for a good deed at the same time. This is probably the easiest and the simplest way to let people get familiar with you and you warming up to them. Seize every little opportunity you can get and start working towards it who knows you will actually find something more interesting than binging on Netflix all day long?

These are just a few of many things you can do to get familiar. Try them for a better start.