Wedding is the most beautiful event to organize and enjoy. It is the day for which everyone waits but at many times it is not easy to organize such events and days. Okay the basics can be executed in church and it would not cost you too much money. It would cost you money to take vows and on dressing only. However, vows and church visit is not enough. You would need to organize dinner or supper at all cost in order to welcome and thank your guests and friends.

Couple get worried a lot when it comes to making budget for dinner or supper because it requires a lot of money to spend. After all, you cannot goodbye them with cold-drink and a sandwich. You need to organize a proper meal which should have cold-drink or vodka, rich made dish, a decent starter and sweet dish.

It is expensive to contact have such dishes in event but there is a way to organize a decent dinner for cheap. It might require some hard-work and help of your friends and family but it make the dinner funnier and more enjoyable. These ways do not need too much smartness or information. All it needs is contacts and use of skills.

Instead of contacting catering services, you can make some dishes by yourselves. You can prepare any rice-made dish with the help of your friends at home in large quantity. It will be more affordable than asking catering service or a restaurant to make it. Besides, you can even ask your friend to prepare it if she or he is better cook than you. Moreover, you can contact newly established cafes and restaurants to make food for you. It will be affordable to you, too. In this way you can save some money for sweet dish and drinks too.

For sweet dish and drinks, you can contact any cheap place too. You can prepare one to two bite cakes and candies at home like you can prepare oreo dips and nutella soufflés that would be served with sauces and dips to make it delightful However, you need to spend on drinks and rental companies to get tables and chairs for rent in Dubai. There are many companies that have the services of “rent party furniture in Dubai”. These companies provide tables and chairs for cheap. You can contact them.

So, this is the cheapest way to organize dinner of wedding. Hope it will help you.