Society is hub of people. And it’s the duty of residents to serve it. Do you want to know that how you can serve it? 

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  1. Install library: You can attach a book shelf in your home and turn a single room into library where anyone could come and read the books by sitting there. In this way, you will give avid readers to society and readers are assets to society because it is readers who are mostly aware of things. For instance, people who read history books are aware of past and the many experiences and they also know the mistakes that the people in past had made and by knowing those mistakes they refrain from making the same mistakes again and they also learn many other things by reading those experiences.
  2. Try to think beyond the books : The books in our course are the same books which were used twenty five years ago. Those black and white books can’t make you concentrate but even the examples are also not that interesting which the new generation is constantly looking for. We are in a generation where kids need something interesting to keep their concentration intact. By using those books we are not only making them road learners but also limiting their thinking. We should introduce new methods of teaching and learning to make them think beyond the books and and not limiting their thinking.
  3. Respect: Today we see many children, teenagers and even adults not respecting elders. They talk very rudely and arrogantly to sweepers and local staff of schools, colleges, universities and other institutes. Getting good grades or jobs is great but being a good human being is one of the greatest thing one can achieve that is why only a few have achieved this. Children not disrespect their teachers but they also disrespect their parents now a days. They need to learn to be respectful to everyone even if he/she is elder or younger than him/her.
  4. Responsible: We need to our own responsibility. We need to ingrain this in our minds that no one is going to take our responsibilities as they have their own but even if they don’t have they are not responsible for us.
  5. Plantation: The world is in need of plants and trees. The technology has been snatching these beauties from us. However,  we can bring it back. We can grow plants in our home and bury seeds in our building’s lawn to spread greenery and provide fresh air to everyone in surrounding. We can read about gardening and plantation on the websites of agriculture companies in Dubai, to know how to grow crops and trees with minimum water.